Australian Solar Quotes

Australian solar quotes

It’s easy to get Australian solar quotes from true blue Aussie installers these days. Well, not always actually. You’d be surprised how much CAN go wrong if you get solar quotes from the wrong types of installers. If you use a solar broker service like Solar Proof though, you’re well and truly on the right … Read moreAustralian Solar Quotes

Energy Retailers & Solar Power

QLD Energy Retailers & Solar Power

There are that many energy retailers these days. As soon as the government privatised the retail section of the electricity industry, every man and his dog now wants to sell power. So we wanted to give you the lo-down on Brisbane energy retailers and especially look at what they offer (if anything) for us solar … Read moreEnergy Retailers & Solar Power

Good Quality Solar Panels

good quality solar panels being cleaned

Everyone wants their system to have good quality solar panels. A good quality panel can make a huge difference to how much power is produced… Or so we’re told. But how much of this is the truth? Do good quality solar panels make a real difference to how much power you save? And what makes … Read moreGood Quality Solar Panels

Cheap 5kW Solar Systems

5kw solar system on tile

The ol’ 5kW solar system. It’s been pretty darn popular in SE QLD, and for good reason. A cheap 5kW solar system can save you thousands of dollars each year. In Brisbane, we love our air-cons and swimming pools so the old power bill gets pretty high. With recent price rises, most QLD home owners … Read moreCheap 5kW Solar Systems

5 Solar Energy Facts‏

solar energy facts steep roof

Honest solar energy facts are hard to come by. Everyone is trying to sell something and this makes myths pop up all over the place. The world is developing more than ever. Renewable energy sources are gaining attention. Solar energy has a lot of positive points while a few draw backs as well. Continuous working … Read more5 Solar Energy Facts‏

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Solar energy can be converted into electricity. By using photovoltaic cells solar energy is converted into usable electricity.Everyone knows this for a fact. But everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Some pluses and minuses. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy? Let’s have a look… Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy – … Read moreAdvantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

SMA Inverter Review – Sunny Boy 5kW

SMA Sunny Boy Inverters

This SMA inverter review looks at this German made unit for what it is. The inverter is the heart of any solar power system. The SMA Sunny Boy is much more. The Germans have a good rep for being good makers of stuff. Take German cars… They are the envy of the auto industry around … Read moreSMA Inverter Review – Sunny Boy 5kW

Solar Panel Defects

solar panel defects

In this article we will discuss the impact on power output of solar panels due to solar panel defects. First we need to understand the concept behind a defect. A defect is a shortcoming or malfunctioning of something. What type of malfunction can arise in a panel? The overall output of a panel depends on … Read moreSolar Panel Defects