Solargain Solar Installer Review

solargain review

Solargain are a Perth based solar power and solar hot water installer. They have quite an impressive reputation as a solar installer within the industry and have heaps of commercial solar jobs under their belt too. With plenty of experience under their belt and good customer feedback, Solargain seem to be a pretty decent choice. … Read moreSolargain Solar Installer Review

Clean NRG Solar Installer Review

clean NRG review installation

Clean NRG are a Perth based solar panels installer. They seem like quite a decent solar company and have done plenty of jobs. Although their service area and company background is not as transparent as you might hope and their product range leaves a little to be desired. Overall they have a solid company with … Read moreClean NRG Solar Installer Review

Phono Solar Panels Review

phono solar review

Phono solar panels are a tier 1 Chinese solar panel. The company history seems pretty solid, sitting on 10 years now (2014). Phono panels look all round to be a pretty snazzy entry in the PV world. So how do they stack up against all the rest? Phono Solar Panels Company Overview Phono solar is … Read morePhono Solar Panels Review