Talesun Solar Panels Review

Talesun Solar Panels Review

Talesun solar panels – are they any good? Recently consumers are more focused than ever on getting a quality solar panel which is also reliable – and they tend to turn to tier 1 solar panels as the measure of “what’s good”. But is this right? Do Talesun solar panels stack up against the rest?

Talesun solar panels logo
Talesun solar company logo

Talesun solar background

OK so solar panel companies aren’t known for creating pro websites. Talesun solar is no exception! It does get the message across though – they are a panel manufacturer. Talesun is a Chinese company. They produce panels in both China and Thailand. They have several international offices – although none here in Australia.

Talesun solar panels tier 1

A couple of things that make Talesun solar panels really stand out:

  1. They have a manufacturing plant outside of China (Thailand)
  2. They are a tier 1 solar company
  3. They are CHEAP

As far as solar panels go, Talesun are doing a good job of creating affordability while still maintaining quality. At least to some degree.

Talesun Thailand
Talesun solar panels facility in Thailand.

Talesun solar panels – the good

As mentioned above, Talesun are a tier 1 solar panel and this means they are decent. It doesn’t mean they’re “hot stuff”. It just means they are tier 1. This doesn’t even mean they are a better choice than “tier 2 solar panels”. But it’s something.

Talesun are a major solar company. They have facilities in several countries and 3.5GW project capacity.

This is a decent solar company. Whether they’ll be around in 10 years time? Bloomberg seem to think so by putting them on the official tier 1 solar panels list.

Efficiency any good? It really doesn’t matter much. Efficiency is one thing most consumers REALLY shouldn’t worry about. Solar panels are all virtually the same thing – and if they’re on the CEC list of solar modules then they meet the minimums.

Talesun offer 80.7% minimum power warranty after 25 years – slightly more than most panels sitting at 80%.

Talesun solar panels company


Talesun solar panels – the bad

Well they aren’t the “bees knees”. Panels like LG, Winaico, SUNPOWER and the like WILL outperform Talesun under just about any test conditions – that’s my bet. But how bad is that really? It means you don’t have the ferrari on your roof that nobody ever sees or pays any attention to. But if you MUST have the ultimate quality product on your roof – Talesun is not it. Talesun solar panels are reliable, good quality and do the same job as just about every other panel.

Talesun solar panels module

Talesun solar overview

Overall if you want to know if Talesun solar panels are a decent choice – they are. How do they compare with the rest? They are a mid-range panel which is very affordable by most standards. This panel is a good choice, backed by a company which seems solid. If you need the best of the best then Talesun is maybe not the right choice. But for most homeowners it’ll do just fine.

Talesun solar panels – company video

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