Top 7 Australian Solar Panel Comparison

Top 7 Australian Solar Panel Comparison

With all the junk floating around about what’s what in the solar industry it’s hard to know anything for sure! Solar Brisbane and anywhere else in Aus it’s the same – a lot of BS! This solar panels comparison gives you some straight facts about the top 7 solar panels sold in Australia today. Well, these are just some of the top brands to be perfectly honest. The panels we’ll have a look at are:

  1. Trina ‘Honey’ 250W Panel – Download Trina 250W Panel Datasheet
  2. WINAICO WSP 250W Panel – Download WINAICO 250W Panel Datasheet
  3. SERAPHIM 250W Panel – Download SERAPHIM 250W Panel Datasheet
  4. Renesola 250W Panel – Download Renesola 250W Panel Datasheet
  5. Hanwha Q-Cells 250W Panel – Download Q-Cells 250W Panel Datasheet
  6. REC BLK Series 250W Panel – Download REC 250W Panel Datasheet
  7. Yingli 250W Panel – Download Yingli 250W Panel Datasheet
Solar Panels Comparison
7 of the top solar panels sold in Australia.

All are polycrystalline panels and all are rated at 250W power output. So how do they stack up?

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What does this solar panel comparison look at?

Comparing solar panels is not an easy thing. To do a good solar panel comparison takes some time and effort. We are going to look at all of the following things to compare top brand solar panels and let you decide based on that information what you think is best.

  • Power tolerance – This just means, how close to the “actual” power of the panel you’ll get out of it. For instance, a 250W panel with a tolerance of +1% would give you either 250W of power, or 1% more (252.5W).
  • Temperature coefficient – This is how much the panel power changes if it gets really hot or really cold. Important in Brisbane where we get quite a few 40°+ days.
  • Panel tier – This really doesn’t mean much but it seems like it’s a popular thing to know.
  • Independent Photon Test rank (2012/2013)
  • Panel warranties
  • Are warranties third party backed?
  • Solar Proof rating – what we think about this panel as an overall quality product

We’ll skip the “country of origin” thing just because it’s China for most of them (let’s be honest).

Panel brands used in this solar panel comparison

It’s a tough call to try and name the top 7 Australian solar panels to compare. We’ve gone here with brands that are pretty common throughout QLD and ones that are often thought of as “premium” panels.

Here is our top 7 solar panel comparison

Photon Rank 201268284N/A128265
Photon Rank 20137936128418N/A
Photon Rank 2014934213566534
Power Tolerance0/+3%0/+2%0/+2%0/+2%0/+2%0/+2%0/+5%
Temperature Co-efficient-0.41-0.45-0.42-0.40-0.43-0.43-0.42
Paniel Tier11N/A1111
Product Warranty10yrs10yrs12yrs10yrs10yrs10yrs10yrs
90% Performance Warranty"linear"10yrs15yrs10yrs92% @ 10yrs10yrs91.2% @ 10yrs
80% Performance Warranty"linear"25yrs30yrs25yrs83% @ 25yrs25yrs80.7% @ 25yrs
Third party backedChubb
Solar Proof Rating6.5/108/108.5/109/109/108/107.5/10

That table’s too confusing – get to the point!

OK right so if we’re trying to be straight to the point…

  • All the panels here are pretty good.
  • We think Q-Cells & RENESOLA are the best panels out of this lot.
  • The rest are tough to call – it’s a very tight comparison.

What about BOSCH solar panels you say? Aren’t SANYO panels the best? There are MANY good solar panels out there on the market and just because they’re not listed here, doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic. Check out our our solar panel reviews and learn more before you opt in for solar quotes.


12 thoughts on “Top 7 Australian Solar Panel Comparison”

  1. Am trying to understand the difference in panels such as 260watt Canadian Solar panels with DC Optimers and Jinko Eagle 260watt (JKM 260PP-A) and REC Panels (260watt)

    • Hi Paul,
      Unfortunately I don’t have specifics on those for you. Judging from the Photon tests (by brand name only) I think the reputation is Jinko then REC then Canadian.
      But I would stay away from DC optimisers. A waste of money if you ask me. Cheers,

  2. hi

    are powerone 327kw panels really as good as they say they are?

    meant to have the best warranty and best performance, with less deteration of the panels during it life span

  3. Hi can u please help me which one will be the best option
    1 qcell pro g4 270 watt / sma 3 phase or fronius 3 phase
    2 winaico / sma 3 phase or fronius 3 phase.
    3 jinko / sma or fronius
    4 REC / sma or fronius

  4. Even more BS ” Important in Brisbane where we get quite a few 40°+ days.” It doesn’t. Brisbane has lower maximum temperatures due to its high humidity. 40+ days are very rare. Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne however have many such days each summer.

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