Trina Solar Panels Review

Trina Solar Panels Review

How good are Trina solar panels? Of course there’s some mixed feelings out there on the net.

Trina Solar Panel Review
Trina Solar Panel

Here is the crux of what Trina solar panels have to offer:

  • A ‘Tier 1’ company
  • Ranked in top 100 in Photon Test
  • Same warranties as any other panel in Oz
  • Shipment got rejected due to ‘quality issues’
  • ‘Snail trail’ cell defects detected

So what is all the buzz about Trina? Why are Aussies convinced that Trina honey panels are the best you can get?

In 2012, Trina placed #68 in the Photon Test. Pretty poor. Here are a few solar panels that beat Trina in 2012:

  • CEEG
  • Bisol
  • Linuo
  • M-Prime

… Get the point? All of the above are UNKNOWN panels to most of us and they beat Trina hands down.

OK, how about 2013?…

#79 was their best entry. Their famous Trina ‘Honey’ panel ranked at just #91! These are terrible results from a business which is ‘one of the top solar panel providers in the world’.

But Trina Solar Panels Are ‘Tier 1’…

Yes, if you want a ‘tier 1’ solar panel then Trina may be just the one you need. It ticks all the boxes to make it a Tier 1 panel, including:

  • Invests heavily in R & D – TICK! (Perhaps because their panels NEED to be improved just to keep up – this will mean you pay more for the panels and doesn’t guarantee you get a good thing)
  • Manufacturing solar panels for at least 5 years – TICK! So their equipment and robots are at least 5 years old… In the tech world that’s a LONG time.
Trina Solar Panels
Trina Solar Panels are not the worst on the market by any means, but they’re not the best either.

If ‘Tier 1’ Is Nothing To Go By, What About Quality?

There have been 2 notable issues with Trina solar panels:

  1. Snail trails were detected in 2011 in some Trina cells. Photon said:

    The discoloration is a surface effect without impact on the contact grids. The silver oxidizes to silver oxide.

  2. RFI rejected a shipment of Trina panels just last year (2013) and states:

    Recently our quality processes identified issues across some of the Trina solar panels we supply.

 OK Then, What About Trina Solar Panels’ Warranties?

Same as every other panel in Australia. OK well, they are third party backed through Powerguard so that’s something… But given that the warranties are the same as every other panel in Aus, You’d have better luck going for a top performer.

How Good Are Trina Solar Panels?

Trina solar panels are OK, they are nothing too special. They won’t explode or catch your roof on fire either (touch wood). Here’s a summary…

Trina solar panels:

  • Are a tier 1 company
  • Have been outranked by many other panels in Photon tests
  • Have been found to have quality issues
  • Have decent warranties

Not good news for Trina: Is Chinese Solar Dead?
Chance of ‘financial distress’ for TRINA in the next 2 years

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7 thoughts on “Trina Solar Panels Review”

  1. I’ve been quoted a Trina (DuoMax, 265W) with an exceptional warranty (linear, 85% performance after 30 years). Perhaps Trina have picked up their game? The warranty is certainly the best I’ve seen in the market. Would love to hear any further comments regarding this…

      • In reponse to BSPQ comment about, 30 years and 85% after degregation, is leading the industry.
        Trina Duo Max are some of the best panels in the market. All the information on the review are 4-5 years old. Dual Glass panels are not what could be described as standard. Do you even know what you are talking about BSPQ??

  2. I have had Trina on my room for 4.5 years and they are now starting to fail. Already have one in for warranty and now another is going, Trina won’t pay the heafty bill for the solar guy to test and install these panels.

  3. do you know much about black macx panels by integra and are their prices inflated. they seem to sound really good with 20 year warranty on the product .
    I havent been able to find the co efficient out put of these panels
    It would be great if you have some knowledge to share

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