True Value Solar Review

True Value Solar Review

True value solar… We’ve all seen the ads on TV. We know their prices are pretty low, but are they any good? Well of course if you want a cheap deal, you’ll be able to get that with True Value Solar. At least in the short-term. What any sensible decision-maker should be thinking about though (before they get solar) is this:

  • How long am I going to be in this house for?
  • What are the lifetime kWhs I am going to get from this system?
  • Are there any hidden conditions I have to meet in order to be eligible for warranty claims?

The third dot-point above really should NOT have to be a dot point. The fact is, some companies are not being fair on customers as far as warranties go so in it goes.

true value solar review promo
One of the True Value Solar promos. They always seem to be having a “lowest price ever” sale?

True Value Solar Review – Company Overview

True Value Solar established themselves in the solar game in 2009. They sell cheap solar systems by buying in bulk and hiring sub-contractors while focusing on tele-sales efforts rather than in-house consultation. By cutting costs wherever possible, they are able to offer cheap prices to their customers. Whether or not this is worth it is questionable. Would you buy a power saw at a cheap $2 shop? Or would you go for the premium brand-name products? Or maybe somewhere in between?

Here’s a recent video on True Value Solar:

Some of the comments from the above video on Youtube:

Melcom O – 4 months ago

Forget about after sales service, if you don’t get them to service your solar system after 2 years, they don’t want to know you. The worst company I’ve dealt with. Told me to look up the Inverter manufacturer on the internet and could not even provide me with a phone number, basically did not want to know me – would not recommend them to my enemies.

Simon Graver – 1 year ago

What a f***ing Crock!!! So how many employees have posted Below Me???? All of you? True Value Solar suck!!! While I have water dripping down a light fitting and the plasterboard ceiling about to collapse you can’t even return a f***ing phone call as promised. This has gone on for two weeks. Next step, Ombudsman, chamber of Commerce, Consumer affairs/protection/watchdog, Media etc.


Company Age

Well, they started in 2009 so that’s not too bad. Of course, they seem highly focused on a repeatable business model with thin profit margins and a high volume of sales, so that’s something to think about it you want a company which will be around a long time to service warranties. But 5 years is not too bad for a solar company.

true value solar office victoria
This is an aerial shot of the True Value Solar office in Victoria (Vermont) from October, 2014.

Product Range

One thing you notice straight away with these guys is that they don’t advertise panel or inverter brands. In the “products” section of their website they talk about “high-efficiency” solar panels, which is very misleading. One good reason for not advertising product brands is that they can stay flexible on what they deliver. This means if they can get a shipment of solar panels that are cheaper than they had originally bargained for, they can grab the chance to push profits higher. Of course, this is not a strategy that would be in the customer’s best interests.

True Value Solar review vehicle
This is one of the True Value Solar vans

True Value Solar Review – Industry Memberships

True Value Solar appear to Australian Solar Council members and also HIA members. This is not too bad, although more industry memberships would be great.

True Value Solar Review – Solar System Pricing

Obviously True Value Solar have low prices. This is one good reason to consider their services. What’s more important to consider, though, is the lifetime value you are getting when you buy solar. E.g. if your system lasts 5 years and needs 3 service calls which put it out of service for 3 months… Or if your system works flawlessly for 20 years straight. This is not to say that you will have problems if you buy “cheap”, but you almost always “get what you pay for” when it comes to solar.

True Value Solar Company Diversity

True Value Solar are not a diverse company. They are focused on solar power and that’s what they stick to.

True Value Solar Review – Customer Satisfaction

OK, there are mixed stories here. As usual, keep in mind that every man and his dog will spout off whenever something goes wrong, but very few satisfied customers take the time to give a review. scores True Value Solar at 4/5 stars from 321 reviews (pretty darn good) – read them here. This site, however, only scores them 1.9/5 stars from 226 reviews (pretty hopeless) – read them here. Keep in mind, when you install large volumes of solar systems, it’s easy to build up a large amount of complaining customers online – not to mention other installers posing as customers to try to dissuade people from buying from their competitors.



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3 thoughts on “True Value Solar Review”

  1. True Value Solar refuse to answer letters/emails/phone call promise returns. I have a leaking roof and they do not care because of a drilled tile for fixing frame.

  2. True value solar is the most unprofessional company i have ever done business with. the installer forgot to install a neutral link in main switch board, and i had to contact them to rectify the matter but no response from true value solar and had to get a external contractor in to fix it and had to pay for there incompetence

  3. Yes once you buy it they do not want to know you.
    There are too many companies like that these days.
    my read out died a few weeks ago but still generating power ok, so will not worry about it, 3 months after the warranty ran out.

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