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Solar Proof is a FREE service for Aussie customers to get solar quotes from trusted solar power experts.

What Does Solar Proof Do?

We make it easy for anyone to get access to some of the top solar power experts in Aus and to get a quick and easy quote by letting the contractors contact you.

Who’s Side Are Solar Proof On?

Solar Proof does not promote any one business or brand. We let you decide which is the best offer for you based on what our partners offer.

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    Slide - Before & After Solar Panels

    Drag the star icon to see the change on the below property with solar panels installed!

    before solar power residential BEFORE SOLAR
    after solar residential AFTER SOLAR

    What Size Solar System Do I Need?

    While everyone’s needs are different, in most Australian states it makes a lot of sense to maximise the roof space you have with solar panels. Sometimes states will put limits on your system size. Checkout our system size pages for more information!

    How much will a solar system save me?

    Different solar system sizes will save different amounts of money. In general it is usually possible to either:

    1. Eliminate your power bill entirely OR
    2. Get a good Return On Investment (ROI) of 4 – 5 years or less!

    Can I have more panels than my inverter size?

    Yes! Over-sizing your solar array is a great idea! It actually optimises your system somewhat which not everybody knows. However, you should be cautious not to over-size more than 33%. So if the inverter is 5kW, you could put 6.66kW of panels on the roof.

    State Solar Feed In Tariff Rates

    What’s a Feed In Tariff?

    It’s a credit you get for solar energy on your bill. Instead of paying for power, the power company pays you for solar power you send out.

    How Much Feed In Tariff Can Solar Get?

    Feed In Tariffs vary quite a lot. The tabs below allow you to see Australian Feed In Tariff rates available.

    What’s The Best Solar Feed In Tariff?

    Whatever you can get! Typically, anything greater than 16c/kWh is doing pretty well! More information about solar feed in tariffs here

    6kw solar brisbane system

    Who Installs The Solar System?

    Our solar installation partners must be Clean Energy Council certified solar power installers with all licences to work in Australia and install a solar power system.

    Our solar power experts can answer any and all questions you may have about your solar power system.

    Who Do We Service?

    We are an online based service made with Aussie home & business owners in mind. This means you can rest easy that any quotes you get are from an Australian based business. We cater for both smaller home customers and larger business customers.