3 Solar Quotes – What To Know Before You Click

3 Solar Quotes – What To Know Before You Click

Getting 3 solar quotes is easy. You can use our Solar Proof quote form to get up to 4 solar power quotes from quality solar companies in your local area. But if you want to make a good, informed solar choice, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, are you ready to setup a time to talk to some solar people? Secondly, do you have a list of questions to ask each solar company? And finally, do you know what you’re comparing?

3 solar quotes
Sales people tell you all sorts of things to get a signature. Do some research before you buy solar!

Should I get 3 solar quotes?

Getting 3 solar quotes is like getting quotes for anything really. It’s good practice to compare different offers from solar experts so that you know that the deal you get is a good one. So it’s a good idea to get multiple quotes right? But it’s not always so straight forward. Trying to compare panels & inverters can be a maze, even for tech-savvy people. So let’s take a deeper look at what you should know before you go out and get your 3 solar quotes to compare.

What to do before you get 3 solar quotes

  1. Know that you’re making a great choice by getting solar power put on!
  2. Get educated about solar – and find a list of panels and inverters you’d be happy to buy
  3. Decide on what the “perfect” solar company looks like to you so you can see one when it comes along
  4. Decide on a budget – most companies offer both a cheap range and a premium range. Decide what you’re going with so you can compare your 3 solar quotes more easily.
  5. Now you’re ready. You know what you want. No more stuffing around, click here to get your 3 solar quotes to compare. In fact, our form will get you in touch with up to 4 solar installers which gives you an even more balanced view of the market.
3 solar quotes helps you decide
Getting 3 solar quotes (or more) helps you get a great deal on your solar power system. But you should be prepared before you get the quotes.

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