Solar Power Quotes

Solar Power Quotes

Who said getting solar power quotes had to be bothersome? I mean, if you don’t know anything about solar and you get sleazy sales reps telling you their products are the greatest thing since sliced bread then maybe I understand how it could be a drag. But going through Solar Proof makes it easy for you. We get 4 local, experienced solar companies to call you at your leisure. Then when you’re ready, set aside a morning or an evening or whenever you like to get your solar quotes.

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Solar Power Quotes – what you should know

Let’s go through some basics of what you should know about solar power quotes:

  1. Basic stuff about solar power (e.g. solar power comes from panels which put electricity into your home and into the grid)
  2. The difference between solar power and solar hot water – solar hot water goes off HEAT, solar power goes off LIGHT
  3. Solar rebates that are available – Aussies can still claim solar rebates. The process is automatic and it can save you thousands of dollars off the cost of your solar power system
  4. Solar feed in tariffs (if any) – Some states still get a solar feed in tariff. This is money you get for power you don’t use from your panels.
  5. Parts of a solar power system – Panels, inverter, racking, wiring.
  6. What questions to ask a solar company about solar power before you buy
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It’s hard to know which solar installers will deliver great value. Read our solar installer reviews here.

Our Solar Power Quotes

We recommend you get informed. BUT, we also make a real lot of effort to make sure any quotes you get through us are from quality solar companies. This means, we get local, experienced solar experts who can do a great job and give you a good price. Not only that, by getting more than 1 quote, you’re more likely to get an awesome deal and avoid being conned.

What about solar photovoltaics (PV)?

Solar PV is just a fancy way of saying solar power. It refers to getting electricity out of the panel. Not heat like with hot water. In fact, heat is bad for solar power panels. These are just some of the things you should know before you get solar quotes. Click here to get solar power quotes now from up to 4 solar companies.

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