Solar Panels Sydney – Prices & Information

Ah Sydney, what a great city. And a perfect place for solar… right? Solar panels Sydney – does it make sense as an investment? Of course it does! Solar is a no-brainer in Australia (for most people). It’s definitely not for everyone.

Solar Panels Sydney – what we offer

Solar Proof offers solar quotes and services Australia-wide. So what do we offer Sydney-siders? Well of course we can get you unbeatable quotes from great installers. That’s our bread and butter. As long as you guys keep being overjoyed with our fast, friendly, efficient services then we at Solar Proof can all rest easy.

Stop fluffing, what makes Sydney so freakin’ special (for solar)… if anything?

Sydney is a great place for solar. Plenty of sunshine, not too hot (most of the time) and panels are good value nowadays.

Here is an “iconic” Sydney solar panel installation:

Solar Panels Sydney
Sydney theatre company has installed a massive solar panel array.

Sydney Solar Installers

There are loads of panels installers in Sydney. I’m sure most people can name at least 3 from the incessant advertising campaigns we see everywhere.

Here is a list of some Sydney solar companies & installers:

Business Suburb Phone
NSW Public Works Sydney 02 9372 8920
Trina Solar Pty Ltd Sydney 02 8667 3088
Solar Reaction Pty Ltd Sydney 1300732284
FRV Services Australia Pty Ltd Sydney 02 8257 4700
Suntech Power Australia P/L North Sydney 02 8188 2450

Sydney is a great city with loads of great buildings to chuck solar panels on. Here is another iconic solar panels sydney installation:

Solar Panels Sydney Australia
Sydney Town Hall installed panels with NSW Public Works

Is there such a thing as a Sydney solar panel? Not really. Most (90%+) panels are now made in China, with the remainder coming from Asia, Europe and even NZ. The term “Sydney solar panels” really refers to any solar panels in Sydney! Well duh. So can you get good savings from solar panels in Sydney..? Yes! Actually Sydney is a great place for solar.

If you’re in Sydney and you’re serious about getting solar put on – fill out our 2 minute solar enquiry form.

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