Solar Panels Perth Guide

Solar Panels Perth Guide

If you’re in the market for solar panels Perth, this guide will assist you in understanding which types of solar panels are available in and around Perth, tier 1 solar panels Perth, cheap, mid-range and expensive solar panels in Perth.

Perth is a great place to get solar panels. The weather is perfect and pricing isn’t too much of an issue, although Perth is one of the dearer states to buy panels. You get an average of 5.2 sun-hours a day for solar! That’s intense (in the present tense)… Sorry bad dad joke. But that’s almost 25% more than sunny Brisbane. Incredible. It’s a wonder why the government doesn’t build more massive solar farms on trackers out in WA to produce power instead of coal-fired power stations.

solar panels Perth
Solar panels in Perth – partly shaded by big tree

Perth is a beautiful, sunny city which makes it perfect for solar panels. Yet still around 60% of suitable dwellings aren’t yet fitted with solar panels. If chosen correctly, solar panels can save the average Perth home a small fortune on power savings. But when a poor choice is made, solar panels can cause endless headaches and might only achieve marginal savings.

Tier 1 Solar Panels Perth

A tier one solar panel is a panel which has been classified (by Bloomberg New Energy Finance) as meeting a certain set of criteria. This means:

  • Has good R & D policy
  • Is a large manufacturer
  • Has been in business for a long time

The point of the “tier one solar panel” rating is for solar projects to be “bankable” or not. Meaning they are recommended (or not) for large projects. Read more about tier one solar panels here. The point is: Tier 1 doesn’t mean much to your everyday Joe. But it is a handy guideline to ensure you buy a decent product.

Cheap Solar Panels Perth

cheap solar panels perth
What are the risks of cheap solar panels? Do you really want to find out?!

There are tonnes of cheap solar panels in Perth. You can get 5kW systems for as low as $3,000 sometimes! This is outrageous and destroys the solar industry. Not only that, if you buy cheap solar panels (in Perth or ANYWHERE) you’re more likely to get a “cheap” system. That means “cheap” performance, “cheap” warranties (not worth a cent) and “cheap” lifetime. So buy cheap solar panels if you dare. The downside is you get what you pay for.

Mid-Range Solar Panels Perth

Many Aussies in Perth choose a mid-range panel. These are decent panels that don’t break the bank. Many tier one solar panels are mid-range. They have a decent record of performing well, may (or may not) have a reliable history as a company and are well-priced. Expect to pay $5,000 or more for a decent, mid-range 5kW solar panel system in Perth. Examples of mid-range solar panels Perth include:

  • Jinko
  • Trina
  • Phono
  • Risen Energy
  • Renesola
  • Talesun
  • Many others

These aren’t the only mid-range solar panels in Perth but it should give you an idea.

Expensive Solar Panels Perth

People wanting top-quality solar panels in Perth also have a choice to make. These panels are no better in terms of “actual” performance. They are a more refined product – better build quality and longer lasting than your average panel. Efficiency is also better in expensive panels. But this doesn’t mean much. Just you can fit more kW of power on less roof space… But not by much.

Solar systems Perth come in different shapes and sizes, have different footprints and deliver different amounts of savings. Depending on how they are installed and their quality.

How much does a 5kW solar system save in Perth?

In Perth, a 5kW system would save you about $1,517 per year!

Plus you might get a couple hundred from power sent to the grid depending on your feed in tariff.

solar panels perth
A nice little house taking advantage of the Perth sunshine.

Solar Panels Perth – feed in tariffs

Perth has one of the better feed in tariffs in the country. Although most customers would still say it’s pitiful. Perth (Synergy customers) get a generous 8.9c per kWh … Having said that, it appears that Horizon customers have loads of different solar feed in tariff options available (depending on where they live).

Here are some other links about this feed in tariffs in WA:

Perth Solar Installers

There are loads of Perth solar installers. See our article on Perth solar installers for more details.


Perth is a great place for solar. You can get a good system with an excellent return without too much trouble. As long as you pick a good installer. And you make sure you get up to 4 solar quotes, you should get a good system installed with no troubles.

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