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solar panels melbourne
A solar installer in Melbourne. Image courtesy Sunscape Electrical

Melbourne Solar Panels – Current State of Play
Current Feed In Tariffs

So currently Melbourne solar panels can win you 6.2c per kWh from the state government, plus any retailer offer. This means that you can get up to 16.2c per kWh for energy exported to the grid – far better than the state of play with Brisbane solar. To put this in real terms, a typical 5kW system might export around 8kWh/day. This would amount to:

$356.24 from Origin Energy (per year)
$414.64 from AGL (per year)
$473.04 from Click Energy (per year)

This of course is on TOP of the energy savings you’d make by using the sun power directly. So although the feed in tariffs available now aren’t overly generous, who’d say no to an extra $300 – $500 a year?

Melbourne Solar Panels
A large solar system in Melbourne. Image courtesy Gryphon Solar.

Melbourne Solar Panels Quotes

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Sun Energy Melbourne Australia
A photo of the “Big Strawberry” solar system in VIC. Image courtesy Energy Matters.





Solar panels Melbourne – Suited for the weather?

Melbourne can be an extreme place in terms of weather. With the Western desert head, the cool Southern end and the Eastern Pacific Ocean all meeting up, is Melbourne an ideal place for solar panels? Well solar panels are built to last. And good solar panels are well-suited for some pretty extreme weather.

A video on flexible solar panels in Melbourne


 Solar Installers List Melbourne

Here are some installers who offer solar panels in Melbourne:

Business Suburb Phone
Silcar Energy Solutions Port Melbourne 03 8632 3700
PSG Elecraft North Melbourne 03 9321 3080
G.D.M.Electrics P/L port melbourne 03 9314 4334
Acton Electrical Port Melbourne 03 96464080
Power Up Solar Pty Ltd Melbourne 03 9938 4210
Service Stream Melbourne 03 9937 6571
Individual Port Melbourne 0409 412 468
United Renewable Energy Melbourne 0424 018 852
Origin Energy Limited Port Melbourne 03 8665 7327

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  1. Was wondering how often you guys recommend your solar panel cleaning clients to get their solar panels cleaned? Once or twice per year? We are in Adelaide, SA but just looking for other companies that clean and maintain solar panels for some advice and authority in solar panel cleaning services. Im a real commenter so wil reply to any solar panel maintenance replies

    • Hey there,
      At least once per year is a good “standard” recommendation. But it will depend on the installation angle, environmental conditions and geographical region among other things. Chicken farms for example would need cleaning monthly. Regular domestic systems usually not more than once annually.

  2. i also want to ask for more information on how to set up solar panels I know the angle is important but what is the difference between a trina or jinko brands do they differ in providing power? please let me know I am trying to choose one for home.

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