Commercial Solar Power

Want commercial solar power quotes? We are the solar quotes experts. Whether you need to offset your power bills or you’re looking to invest in solar farms, we will help you through the process.

Expert solar tip: Look at your power use in small chunks to see when power is being used. This helps to work out the chief most vital part of your solar power project – the size of the system.

Commercial solar power is a different game to residential solar power. It’s much more complex when we start talking about:

  • Unbundled bills – this adds another layer to solar system sizing. Make sure you get solar professionals to do this.
  • ROI – Most commercial solar power systems hinge on Return On Investment. This means you need an accurate solar ROI calculation.
  • Demand charges – yet another complex layer. Demand charges are the costs on your bill for your peak power use.
  • Commercial solar power feed in tariffs – Any investment wants to get max returns.
Commercial Solar Power
A commercial solar power system by the beach

Why Use Solar Proof?

Solar Proof Quotes can help you complete a commercial solar power project from start to finish. See our solar broker service.

  • We have a group of solar power installers who can quote your solar project
  • We find the best solar system size for you (as your personal solar broker)
  • We gather all of the info so that you can compare your options
  • We give you suggestions on all parts of your commercial solar power system
  • We offer ongoing support

Choosing Solar Proof for your commercial solar power project means you take out all the hard work. We give you all the info in a simple way for you to look at and choose the best option. Note: This is a paid quote comparison service. If you just want simple, free commercial solar quotes then click here.

commercial solar power
The scale of your commercial solar power project could be anything from a 10kW system to a 1MW+ solar farm.


How Much Money Do Commercial Solar Power Systems Save?

The answer to this depends on your power billing and the type of solar power system you are going to get. If you are on a large power user rate, your solar returns will not be as good as if you are on a smaller use rate.

Check this out for a little more detail into ROI
Learn about commercial solar power LGCs
How the LRET works (for commercial solar power systems 100kW+)

commercial solar
Our commercial solar quotes give an added level of service.


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  1. Hello am asking what are good type of solar used commercially and also kindly advise me how many panels are needed to make 11kw

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