A Better Solar Choice

A Better Solar Choice

How do you make a great solar choice? I mean, if you’re completely new to the solar industry. And you’re probably not a technically minded person. This is a big problem in the solar industry today and can cause grief for customers like you. Thankfully there are services (like Solar Proof) who act as a middle-man (sort of). We try to ensure your solar choice is a great one. This means choosing good panels, a good inverter and an excellent solar company to do the job.

solar choice
Make a good solar choice and get an awesome system installed

How your solar choice can go wrong

There are lots of ways that you can make a bad solar choice. Or even more than one. Because solar is a technical topic and there are such a vast amount of products, of course there is a LOT of information. Some is good but a lot of the information out there is created with a vested interest in mind. This means it’s hard to get good information on solar power which helps you make a good choice. Here are some of the ways your solar choice can go pear shaped:

  • Choose the wrong panels and risk failures, discoloration, malfunction and more which costs time and money. The other side of this is the risk of paying far too much for panels which you’re told are the bees knees.
  • Choose the wrong inverter and risk failures, down-time, malfunction and the possibility of catastrophic failure including fire.
  • Choose the wrong installer and you risk getting a leaky roof, rusty fittings, messy installations which devalue your home and very little (if any) after-sales service.
  • Paying top dollar for an “average” solar system because you failed to compare solar quotes or get a solar broker to help you out.

These are the big 3 things that can make you feel very sorry about your poor solar choice. Of course there are loads of other things that could go wrong.

solar choice burnt solar panels
Things can go terribly wrong if you make a poor solar choice.

How to make a good solar choice

There are some simple measures that you can take to help ensure that the choice you make when you decide to get solar is a good one. Here’s the gist of making a good solar choice:

An informed decision is a much wiser decision to make than an uninformed one. And given the risks of getting a bad solar power system, it’s a good idea to put some energy into your research efforts. The only thing you have to look out for is research exhaustion!

solar choice collapse
Don’t end up with a roof like this. Inexperienced solar installers don’t know how to assess roof loads properly.


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