Solar Quotes – Australian Consumer Guide

Solar Quotes – Australian Consumer Guide

Here is your comprehensive solar quotes guide by Solar Proof. This article will cover Australian solar quotes from top to bottom. Including solar Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and:

  1. How to get solar quotes
  2. Important solar quotes “must-know” facts
  3. The process after you sign up for solar quotes
  4. Differences in solar quotes in different Australian states/regions

So let’s get started!

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Solar Proof Solar Quotes

How to get solar quotes

There are a number of ways you can get solar quotes. Namely:

  1. Use a quoting site (such as Solar Proof) to get quotes for solar panels – the benefit to this is you spend less time giving people your details and companies who we have shortlisted get in touch with you instead of you needing to contact them.
  2. Get quotes directly from a company (or companies) you’re familiar with – If you know solar companies in your area you could contact them directly for a quote. But because solar is highly competitive, you’re unlikely to get the best deal by taking this approach and you haven’t got any professional third-party reference saying they are a decent business.
  3. Get unsolicited quotes from telemarketers or door-knockers – This is always a bad thing. Nearly 100% of the time, a direct-marketing campaign to sell you solar panels will be overpriced and high-pressure. We often have feedback from customers who say they were quoted up to 200% of a reasonable solar quote price by doorknockers!

So use our service to get obligation-free, zero-cost solar quotes today

Important solar quotes “must-know” facts

There are some essential things to know before (and whilst) getting solar quotes. Our comprehensive buyer’s guide to solar quotes covers all of this and more to ensure consumers have a great experience. Here is a quick summary of important things you should know before getting solar quotes:

  1. Have some knowledge on brand names – there are hundreds of solar panel brands and dozens of inverter brands. Knowing a few of these will put you at an advantage when getting your solar quotes.
  2. Understand the basics – Savings from solar, savings from feed-in-tariffs and generally how solar works.
  3. Do “fair-game” comparisons. You need to understand that comparing solar systems is often not straight forward. Use our comparison sheet (free when you request solar quotes) to get an equal comparison of your solar quotes.
  4. Choosing the wrong system can lead to major problems down the track – get it right the first time and save hassles later on.

What’s the process after you sign up for solar quotes?

Here are the steps to take to get solar quotes from Aussie installers:

  1. Fill out our solar quote form here with your details.
  2. Up to 4 accredited installers will contact you and arrange to give you a quote.
  3. Installers may want to do a site visit to ensure they have accounted for everything.
  4. Use our comparison sheet (download after you request quotes) to compare apples-with-apples.
  5. Choose the best deal on the system you’re after and get it installed by your preferred installer
  6. Watch your panels soak up the sunshine and turn them into savings for you!

Are solar quotes different in different states?

There are a few differences state to state when getting solar quotes but mostly the process is the same.

  1. There are differences in the feed-in-tariff in different states/territories and this can change your savings dramatically.
  2. There are price differences due to geography etc. But you need to watch out for outrageous price differences! Too cheap or too dear is a bad idea. Here’s our guide to solar panels prices for 5kW systems in Australia.
  3. Products offered may also be different for whatever reason.
  4. IMPORTANT: If you’re in a remote location, our system might not find 4 solar installers who can service your region! But we’ll do our best and usually come up with at least 2 great deals for you.


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