Energy Matters Review

Energy Matters Review

In this Energy Matters review we take a look at a number of factors that make a good solar company. Energy Matters are one of the largest solar installation companies in Australia. On top of their solar power installation business “Energy Matters”, they also own solar wholesaler Apollo Energy. Energy Matters was acquired by US solar giant Sunedison in late 2014.

Energy Matters Logo
Energy Matters are one of the largest solar installation companies in Australia

Company Age

Energy Matters claims to have been founded in 2005, making it 10 years old this year! This is quite impressive for a solar company.They sure have managed to ride the solar-coaster extremely well. One would hope this is because of their sound business practice, and that seems to be the case. A quick ABN search reveals the company has been active since Jan 31, 2006.

energy matters review - head office
This is a Google streetview shot of the Energy Matters head office in Southbank, Victoria.


Product Range

It seems as though the solar PV products offered by Energy Matters (as of February 2015) are as follows:

Solar panel brands:

Solar Inverter Brands:

Energy Matters have a wholesale branch (Apollo Energy) and they stock a lot of different brands. They seem to have found a pretty good balance of quality and affordability with the choices they’ve made in their regular package offers. Fronius are one of the top inverters on the market and REC are one of the top panels out there in terms of quality.

Energy Matters Review – Industry Memberships

Energy Matters are quite involved in the industry. They are Clean Energy Council members, corporate members of SEA and the Australian Solar Council. They also have memberships with APVI, ATA and SEIA (all solar industry associations). This is an extremely impressive record and displays an impressive commitment to the solar industry in Australia.

Energy Matters Commercial Solar
Energy Matters are one of the top commercial solar installers in the country. Image courtesy

Energy Matters Review – Solar System Pricing

Energy Matters are on the higher end in terms of price. But this doesn’t make them a bad choice. There might be cheaper options out there, but it also pays to consider why the cheaper prices are so low. Energy Matters seem to be a great choice if you’re not after the lowest price option and you want a quality installation at a decent price.

Energy Matters Company Diversity

This is where Energy Matters doesn’t score top of the class. Mind you they are still quite a diverse company. They offer Solar Hot Water, heat pumps, solar hydronics and have a wholesale business. Their experience in the commercial sector also sets them apart from the rest.

energy matters review solar hydronics
Energy Matters is quite a diverse company and is not likely to disappear any time soon.

Energy Matters Review – Customer Satisfaction

According to, Energy Matters are ranked at 4.2/5 stars from 185 customer reviews (Feb, 2015) making them a “gold” rated installer according to that site. This is an impressive score especially for the number of reviews and it’s good to know that they have so many happy customers. only scores them a 3.3/5 star score from 6 reviews. They also host testimonials and case studies on their website which is always good.

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