Samil Inverter Review

Samil Inverter Review

In this Samil inverter review, we look at the Chinese unit’s good and bad points. Hopefully it helps you make up your mind about whether or not you should get a Samil. Samil is a huge Chinese company with a background in Variable Speed Drives (VSDs). Samil Power (the inverter branch of the company) has been around since 2008, making it 6 years old now. Samil have offices around the world, including one here in Aus (Sydney) which is a plus.

Samil Inverter Models

The most common Samil inverters found in Brisbane are the Solar River series. This is the standard range from Samil:

  • Solar River TL Series – Single Input
  • Solar River TL-D Series – Dual Input
Samil Inverter Review Solar River
The single string solar river is not a bad inverter by the Chinese company.

Samil also make a “Solar Pond” micro-inverter and Solar Lake and Solar Ocean for larger solar setups. For the average Joe like you and me though, the Solar River is what you’ll get. Samil had a pretty good wrap in the Photon rankings with an efficiency of 96.5% which earned an A rating.

Samil Inverter Review Solar River Dual Input
The Samil Solar River dual input inverter has proven itself as an “A grade” inverter in the independent Photon Test.

You are always better off with a dual input inverter. The Samil Solar River dual input unit is a step above it’s single input sibling. But does Samil compare with it’s competition? Compared to the Growatt and the JFY, Samil doesn’t quite look as good.

Samil Inverter Review – Strengths

Samil is truly an A grade inverter. The Solar River stands pretty well with inverters around the world. It has met the competition with it’s high efficiency and good reliability. Another plus about the Samil is that it has a pretty good monitoring ability. The Solar River has ethernet, wi-fi and RS485.

Samil Inverter Review – Weaknesses

What’s not so great about the Samil Solar River? Well number one would be that for a Chinese inverter, this one doesn’t deliver anything that special. The monitoring is quite good, but the the functionality is not the best. Efficiency and reliability are the 2 big ones for inverters and Samil doesn’t quite meet the rest on this level.

Samil Inverter Review – Is It Any Good?

Samil is not a bad inverter. It’s true that some Chinese inverters have had issues and Samil is not immuned to this. Overall though, Samil do a good job. If you do get one of the Chinese units, make sure you get a dual tracker. Even if you get a small solar power system (6 panels), the system will still go well as long as it’s designed properly.

Here is the official Samil Inverter website

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3 thoughts on “Samil Inverter Review”

  1. I have had my samil replaced for “relay failure” as have MANY of other samil owners. Mine was replaced in March 2015 and now has a fault “high DC bus” I’ve contacted the company and as previously I expect a long wait before it is fixed. Brian

  2. I purchased a 2300w solar river inverter from samilpower and within 30 months it had a relay failure it was replaced and the replacement lasted 2 more years and died from the same failure and again was replaced but this time with an old rusty inverter that had been refurbished ! , the replacement looks 3 times older than the one that stopped working and even the LED is sun faded yet this is what I am givin as a replacement ! so before buying one of these products it might be worth thinking about my experience with samilpower first !

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